Once again at the perceived summit of accomplishments, Phil felt the call to move on from West Point Academy, Tye Tribbett and many other major artists in his supportive role. He is now turning his attention towards a mainstream non gospel music career and has formed  new band under a new stage name that had been given to him by the Nashville recording and performance community. In December 2013, Phil began writing for what would become Gtar Phil & The Chank, band whose sound would center on early 80’s dance funk and soul music. He brought along longtime production collaborators Thad Witherspoon (drummer) and Kiko Negron (percussion and keys) and added new friends Alex Bachari on rhythm guitar and female bass player extraordinaire, Ryan Madora. To round it out he called on two singers that he had worked with in a previous funk band who turned out to be two of the best writing partners he’s ever had- Quinton ”Q” Coleman and Kim Mont. Together they began working on a new album that will be released 1st Quarter 2015, but the powerhouse team is readying their first single for radio “Beautiful People” under the hand of legendary producer and songwriter Jesse Boyce. After Phil connected with Boyce his new music really began to take definition and he has seen his career grow by leaps and bounds as an artist and a businessman. He recently has been accepted into the prestigious Leadership Music Program in Nashville, TN and will be a member of the 2015 class.



As all cultures are contributing to our industry, Black  Producers and  innovation are still changing our world with bold new technology, combined with our  musicial foundation, and techniques theat still create hit records..  SMG celebrates its new and diversified business and technical SMG/PRC Team and Roster to meet the challenges that we face by thinking outside of the current music industry box. Innovation is my mindset without the cultural, philosphical, and even the theological grids by which we naturally use to expand the mental power of the masses. As an Innovator, I do not ask the traditional, simple why;   Instead  I ask what is the it, why this it will succeed, when to proceed, and when not to invest and create it. Production is my thing, my passion, and yes, my contribution to  the world of music.

"Testing every option and being mentored by successful people is the key to successful innovation." JB


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