Jesse Boyce




Perception is reality. Your image in today's high tech social media driven world is every bit as important as the records you release. Why would an artist need someone else's guidance on their own image? Simple answer, " what works for one person does not work for all". Many artists have a tendency to immulate the image of their favorite artists and influences. Finding the artist within doesn't work that way and neither will developing your image. People can sense when something isn't genuine, we help  artists find the combination of what feels right and what works!



As all cultures are contributing to our industry, Black  Producers and  innovation are still changing our world with bold new technology, combined with our  musicial foundation, and techniques theat still create hit records..  SMG celebrates its new and diversified business and technical SMG/PRC Team and Roster to meet the challenges that we face by thinking outside of the current music industry box. Innovation is my mindset without the cultural, philosphical, and even the theological grids by which we naturally use to expand the mental power of the masses. As an Innovator, I do not ask the traditional, simple why;   Instead  I ask what is the it, why this it will succeed, when to proceed, and when not to invest and create it. Production is my thing, my passion, and yes, my contribution to  the world of music.

"Testing every option and being mentored by successful people is the key to successful innovation." JB


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